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I’m not sure how clear my written weight loss post was, so here is the Video version! Plus there’s a nice shot of the Money my buddy put away, if you dont get motivation from anything else, That should do it! haha =)







I just watched an episode of the View and in the beginning portion of this episode, the ladies of the view were joined by Miss America who lost 112 lbs over a period of Multiple years.  She said a couple of things that really resonated with me.

1. Your body is like a machine: You have to put the best fuel in it for it to function properly.

2.  She said You have to do the work, no one else can do it for you, no gastric bypass surgery, no rings on your stomach, its all about You and what YOU do, that’s why so many people who get surgery still fail and  gain all the weight back on.  You have to do things for YourSelf!!!

3. She said she started exercising lightly for 15 minutes a day and over time her stamina and overall health reached a level where she can now run a couple of miles a day.

I thought she was an excellent role model and I think more people should look to her success as proof that slow, long term weight loss is truly the WAY to go. Enough with the lose weight quick schemes.  The Key to the long term weight loss is that the weight Remains Lost!  IT doesn’t come back.

In fact, I have a little story, my boyfriend and I decided to fly out to Alabama and drive over to Mississippi for a close friends wedding in June of this year (2011).  I was having excellent progress in my program before this trip, and I weighed in after and realized I gained 5 lbs in less than a week of this mini vacation.  Fortunately, because i gained it so quickly, I was able to lose is in LITERALLY 2 days!!! It took me 2 days of Regular eating and some moderate exercise to lose that 5 lbs… I couldn’t believe it! It was truly inspiring and helped me not fall into a slump, because I was terrified of falling off the program, 5 lbs would have set me back almost 2 months of work, and luckily, I was able to lose it quickly and get right back on track, which also shows why Slow weight loss is absolutely the way to go, because then if you gain a few Quickly, They’ll fall off quickly as long as you were originally losing weight slowly and steadily! =)  That was my lesson!


I hope this little addition helps!




I’m going to follow this blog up with a video post.  Here let me summarize the program in writing for anyone who prefers to read. =)

About six months ago, I came up with a weight loss program that would take me two years to reach my goal weight.  Its been incredibly doable and surprisingly easy for me to stick to this program unlike anything I have ever tried before.  My friend Kristy decided to give it a try as well and has been doing better than me.  Because of our success I decided to share this program in hope that it may help others.  See below for the detailed description.

Program Details:

Lose 3 lbs a month: you absolutely Must Write this out with every month’s goal as I did my list below:

I started at 218 lbs in January 2011, and would like to reach 150.

February: 218

March: 215

April: 212

May: 209

June: 206

July: 203

August: 200

September: 197

October: 194

November: 191

December: 188

January 2012: 185

February 2012: 182

March 2012: 179

April 2012: 176

May 2012: 173

June 2012: 170

July 2012: 167

August 2012: 164

September 2012: 161

October 2012: 158

November 2012: 155

December 2012: 152

January 2013: If we all survive 2012 😉  149LBS!!!

This is My plan, it has been working Amazingly Well for me and my friend, and I hope you can make out the same list for you and stick to it on a monthly basis and reach your goal.

I have discussed more topics in the video and have a whole lot more to share on this topic, so stay tuned!



Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, I’m working on my first few posts.  I am going to be focusing on a Video Blog, but I do enjoy writing as well, so there should be a nice mix.


Stay Tuned, The posts are coming!


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